about teacher


Art is a language that can be learned to develop our visual awareness and to communicate our ideas in a variety of ways – whether it is a scribble giving directions to a friend, making sense of the images we see everyday in the media or being moved by a powerful work of art in a museum. Our world is becoming more visually complex with data in the form of images, symbols and icons, and it is increasingly more important to have the skills to understand what we see and to communicate our ideas clearly with images and text. Art is so much more than fingerpainting :)

what is art . . .

Even more important is that art is a basic human experience that reflects what people value since the discovery of cave paintings in Lascaux, France or the impressive posts and lintels of Stone Henge. Art is a process of looking, thinking, and being connected with your heart, mind and hands to transform ordinary materials in a meaningful way. In the end, I want my students to experience the essential human qualities of wondering, wandering and discovering . . .

wondering, wandering and discovering . . .


Being curious, imagining and thinking about an idea, person, object, material or an experience.


Investigating, experimenting and dreaming about a personal interest or idea and getting lost in the process.


Learning something about yourself or your external experiences with people, objects, materials, surroundings . . . Making connections, creation, transformation and innovation.