In sixth grade, students will continue to develop their visual language by practicing fundamental skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. They will also discover a variety of ways to be inspired whether it is from the art materials they are exploring, applying what they already know from other classes or learning about artists and their sources of inspiration. Basically, inspiration can be found anywhere as long as we have an open mind and we take the time to look at ourselves and our surroundings with curiosity. Just as important is the realization that it is only from practice and effort that will improve our creative abilities. Below are several art experiences, students may have in the classroom.


Grade 6The art of practice

semester course

human eye:observation • imagination


Students developed their observation skills by drawing their eyes from a mirror with lines, shapes and values. Students also learned about the proportions of the human face and applied their knowledge to create a paper sculpture Greek mask with symbolic objects and colors. This project encouraged students to apply what they learned about Greek mythology in Ancient Civilization for an interdisciplinary experience.

Greek mask unit

bamboo forest:painting


Students learned how to paint bamboo with a bamboo brush and practiced mixing a variety of hues using only the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Students represented the different parts of bamboo with fundamental brushstrokes and discovered what colors they were inspired by and applied them to their painting to create bamboo with abstract and expressive colors.

bamboo forest unit

whirlpool tiles:ceramics


Students learned about the Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí from Barcelona and became familiar with the Catalonia region in Spain with its own unique culture and language. Gaudí was inspired by nature and created his own tiles and mosaics to decorate the interior and surfaces of his organic forms. Students also created their own tiles with clay inspired by water by applying a variety of handbuilding techniques.

whirlpool tiles unit


what is the purpose of drawing

why is color important

who is Antoni Gaudí