In seventh grade, students will furthur develop and master basic skills by exploring the concept of values literally and figuratively. They will learn about the parts of speech of the visual language or the art elements and experiment with a variety of ways to organize them with design principles. Students will then apply what they have learned by creating a drawing using values along with other art elements, and also represent what they value by exploring their personal culture and point of view. Below are several art experiences, students may have in the classroom.


Grade 7Mastering the basics

semester course

camouflage doodle:art elements • design principles


Students camouflaged an abstract design/triangular swatch that became a part of their drawing by repeating the art elements they observed like dots, lines, shapes, values, texture . . . and finished their composition by applying design principles like variety, unity and balance. Students also learned about Art Nouveau which was an art movement inspired by nature and they applied organic, curvlinear, abstract and realistic elements to their drawings.

camouflage doodle unit

slice of America:ceramics


Students explored their personal culture by thinking about what they value, their interests and any other aspect that defines who they are as individuals. Students then expressed their personal culture by creating symbols with clay as the filling of their slice of pie to show what they have in common but also their differences that make them unique and reflect America's diversity.

slice of America unit

abstract expressionism:digital photography


Students learned about modern photographer, Aaron Siskind who showed what he found interesting through the camera lens by zooming in on the most fascinating part of a man-made or natural object. Students also captured what they noticed through the camera by snapping close-up views of their subject with a digital camera.

abstract expressionism unit


what is unity and balance

what is personal culture

how did the camera affect artists