Try to be curious and understand what you hear and see in objects, people and circumstances. It is very easy to assume things instead of getting to know someone or something on a personal level but being open-minded and non-judgmental is more fulfilling and liberating. Almost anything is possible when you stop labeling yourself and the things around you. All of a sudden you can draw or at least learn how to draw if you stop telling yourself you can't, an ordinary plastic bottle can be transformed into an interesting sculpture, and you can actually be friends with someone from a different school on a different team in a different grade ö

are you curious . . .

Below you will find art-related news in and out of school, calendar of events, resources on some of my favorite artists and artists you will learn about in class, and extra credit opportunities you can download. Be curious and enjoy :)

STEM to STEAM movement


stem to steam

The art teachers from Jonas Clarke and William Diamond Middle School had the incredible opportunity to visit Andover Public Schools where they are creating exciting and innovative curriculum by applying STEAM inspired concepts to prepare their students for the 21st century. High school educator, Meghan Reilly Michaud and her colleagues invited us into their classrooms to see how they integrate science, technology, engineering, art/design and math to develop creative and critical thinking skills in a meaningful way. To learn more about our visit and the national STEM to STEAM movement championed by the former president of Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda, visit myogilee.tumblr.com and let's get everyone all aboard to go full STEAM ahead :)

Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2014 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards at William Diamond Middle School. To view this year's art submissions, please visit the blog artscholar.tumblr.com and once more kudos to all of our students for their hard work, dedication and willingness to be authentic with their ideas, personal values and different points of view in and out of the classroom.



The following are special dates for special people and occasions. Let's remember, honor and celebrate the people we love, past and present!


a few of my favorite things . . .

Here you will find links about some incredible artists and inspiring works of art.

extra credit

Below you will find links to pdf files of a variety of extra credit handouts. Choose the appropriate file that relates to your grade level and class project.

Grade 6: Grant Wood handout.pdf

Grade 6: Clay handout.pdf

Grade 6: Bamboo Painting handout.pdf

Grade 7: Composition handout.pdf

Grade 7: Clay handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art and the Media: Postcard handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art and the Media: Color Mixing handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art and the Media: Dorothea Lange handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art and the Media: Magazine Covers handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art in America: Calaca handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art in America: Wolf Kahn handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art in America: Dale Chihuly handout.pdf

Grade 8 / Art in America: Frank Gehry handout.pdf